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What Is a Context Menu?

Screenshot of a folder context menu in Windows.

A context menu (also called a right-click or pop-up menu) provides a set of shortcuts to typical actions or functions you might want to take.

Where is the Windows Key located on my keyboard?

Windows Key Location On Keyboard

The Windows Key is a function key included on Microsoft Windows’ computer and laptop keyboards. It’s used with other keys to perform quick tasks such as opening or cycling through open apps and, my favorite, quickly locking the computer. PC keyboards have two Windows Keys (Win) placed on each side of the spacebar.

What Is the Apple Menu

What Is the Apple Menu

The Apple menu is the apple icon that’s located at the top-left corner of the menu bar on the screen. It includes frequently used commands.

How to Change the Time Zone on Windows 10

How to Change the Time Zone on Windows 10 Step 2

If you recently purchased a new Windows 10 computer or laptop, chances are the time zone isn’t set correctly. It’s an easy fix, & we’re going to show you how to correct it.